Book Fair Preview Tomorrow!

Set up for the Book Fair is well underway,   and we are excited for tomorrow’s opening event. There are so many wonderful pieces of history just waiting to be seen! From the classics like turn of the century Nobel Prize Recipients Ernest Hemingway and William Faulkner; as well as depression era author’s John Steinbeck and Nathanael West, a person may revel in the ability to purchase first editions from $50 to under $1000. One may also purchase many obscure and rare works  similarly priced, for example Battledore (booth E21) will be bringing the first edition of sheet music by Joseph M Rumshinsky who composed the music for “Mameniu” [Mama Dear]. Rumshinsky added a final verse and refrain memorializing the victims of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, who’s Centennial Anniversary is this year.  This piece sells for $500. The rare and wonderful are all around us, some for seven figures; many maps of obscure and now obsolescent countries;  fashionable botanical prints, and much much more.


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