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You’re invited to an exclusive tour of Infinite Jest by @IFPDAdotORG #PrintFair

Come join IFPDA members and friends at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on an exclusive tour of  Infinite Jest: Caricature and Satire from Leonardo to Levine.

Nadine M. Orenstein, Curator, and Constance C. McPhee, Associate Curator  in the Department of Prints and Drawings, will lead an exclusive tour of the exhibit, which features prints from the 1500s to present, ranging from Leonardo da Vinci to Al Hirschfeld.

Make your reservations now–space is limited.

For more information, please visit:

Hope to see you there!


Possum Trot Figure makes an Appearance at this year’s #outsiderartfair

American Primitive Gallery (B5)


This doll once belonged to Possum Trot, a roadside attraction, operated for more than twenty-five years by Calvin and Ruby Black. During the Depression, Calvin Black and his wife opened a rock and mineral shop on Highway 15, a stretch of highway in the desolate Mojave Desert. To boost business and attract clientele, the Blacks created art environments, including a model train and carousel, but most famously, dolls—that posed in tableaux, drove carriages across the building’s roof, kicked, and waved arms. Made from fragments of telephone poles, adorned with clothes from the local dump, the dolls became the focus of a devised piece, entitled “Fantasy Doll Show,” in which the dolls did a “song and dance,” for passerby. To many, the dolls have come to embody the persistence and endurance—especially in pursuit of the American dream.

Dalton School 6th Grader Lili Watts with her work at #outsiderartfair


Galerie Bourbon-Lally of Haiti at this year’s #outsiderartfair


Check out Make Skateboards at #outsiderartfair

Make Skateboard’s of Brooklyn, NYC, makes an appearance at this year’s Outsider Art Fair.

Check out some highlights from their booth:



Sunday Pick: Fort Guerin at #outsiderartfair

Yard Dog Gallery (F5)





Sunday Pick: Amber Groome at #outsiderartfair

Lindsay Gallery (C4)Image

‘Shell Girl’ by Amber Groome


Assorted works by Amber Groome


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