The Museum of Everything at the #OutsiderArtFair

Is New York Ready for Everything?

James Brett Is in Town

An insider on the outs with ‘Outsider’ New York Observer-
…and from the source:


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Touching down at the Outsider Art Fair is The Shop of Everything, a glamorous boutique selling limited edition books, prints & merchandise created by The Museum of Everything & its artists.

The Shop of Everything will be open for business from the 26th to 29thJanuary, with lithograph prints by George WidenerWilliam Scott & Sir Peter Blake, designer dresses by Clements Ribeiro in collaboration withAtelier der Villa & Creative Growth, four hand-crafted volumes from the museum’s European shows, not to mention travel-bagshomewarecasual attirecreative stationary, all discounted for this first foray into the Americas.

Please do not miss this spectacular opportunity to buy a few bits & bobs, shake a few hands & see a few wonderful things. Remember, what we got at The Shop of Everything ain’t available anywhere else … & here’s another good reason why you should come:

The Outsider Art Fair is where many first discovered the great non-traditional artists of the 20th Century. Yet can this essential creativity still be dismissed as outsider art? These artists are part of our legacy, the form the aesthetic fabric of our universe, they must be celebrated & included, not denigrated & denied. Death to outsider art! Long live the outsiders!

The Museum of Everything
January 2012



7 West 34th Street (off 5th Avenue) NYC
7 W New York ®

Preview Tonight!  January 26, 2012  6:30-9pm $35

Show Hours:

Friday 1/27: 11am – 8pm     

Saturday 1/28: 11am – 7pm   

Sunday 1/29: 11am – 6pm

Admission $20/per day & $35/Two-day pass

Admission includes catalog and admissions to all programs


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