The Pennsylvania Peach Stone Carver at Marion Harris booth A9 #OutsiderArtFair


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Hundreds of 19th century peach-stone carvings to be shown at 20th Anniversary Outsider Art Fair in New York in January

A.W. Gimbi, born 1857, a barber from McAdoo, Pennsylvania, left an obscure legacy of hundreds of miniature objects meticulously carved from peach stones.

As perfect as they are quotidian, the tiny examples of shoes, brushes, letters, numbers, sewing tools, books, baskets, fishing hooks and scores of other utilitarian items have an approximate height of 1” and are half as wide. Several, such as needles and pins or locks and keys are a fraction of that size!

The absence of an obvious grain in peach stones allows for the exceptional detail shown in Gimbi’s work. His collection of the penknives he used, each altered to a specific angle and sharpness, gives us an idea of the range of his expert skill, while the photograph of him sporting a Dali-like moustache and underlined with the flourishing description “Prof. Al Gimbi, Pennsylvania Peach Stone Carver” offers an insight into the man.

Peach stone carving as art has been known for centuries originating, it is believed, in China over 1000 years ago. The pit has two layers, an outer wood-like material and an enclosed kernel that is undesirable and discarded; not only is it too soft to carve but it releases a cyanide related substance when cut. The completed carving measuring approx. 1” is carved from only the outer husk.

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Framed photograph or sign with his self-proclaimed title of Prof.Gimbi and just some examples of his 600 peach-stone carvings.

Additional images available from Marion Harris      212.348.9688


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