#outsiderartfair Collection de l’Art Brut, #El Museo del Barrio, @FoundationSTART, @FolkArtMuseum at the 20th anniversary Outsider Art Fair

January 27-29, 2012 | 7 W 34th St.  | New York City

Contact:  Emily Christensen, Outsider Art Fair Director, emily@sanfordsmith.com

Sanford L. Smith & Associates | sanfordsmith.com| 447 W. 24th St., NY, NY 10011

212-777-5218 p | 212-477-6490 f

The 20th anniversary Outsider Art Fair takes place January 27-29, 2012.

The world’s foremost international marketplace for self-taught art, Outsider Art, and Art Brut:  The Outsider Art Fair features 35 leading galleries from North America, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean.  More than 350 artists, ranging from the masters of Art Brut and Outsider art to recently uncovered treasures and emerging stars, are represented at the show.  The exhibition includes the highest quality fine art from diverse realms of the self-taught and non-mainstream art world: original paintings, drawings, sculptures, textiles, and environments.

Many artists in the world’s finest art museums and institutions- including Bill Traylor, William Edmondson, Henry Darger, James Castle, Martín Ramírez, Judith Scott, and many more, arrived there by exposure through dealers at the Outsider Art Fair.  It is the essential venue for connoisseurs and newcomers to develop collections that focus on self-taught material and also cross over into any number of broader artistic and design contexts.

The Outsider Art Fair is enhanced by educational programming and social events that draw thousands of international designers, collectors, scholars, curators, students, and artists to what can only be described as a yearly happening unlike any other art fair in the world.

Programming at the 20th anniversary Outsider Art Fair will be coordinated with the seminal Collection de l’Art Brut, founded by Jean Dubuffet in Lausanne, Switzerland, which will have a physical presence at the fair.  El Museo del Barrio will coordinate its exhibition “Testimonios” with the Outsider Art Fair and will offer related programming at the fair and museum.  The Foundation for Self-Taught Artists will debut its new online resource database in an interactive display.  The American Folk Art Museum will continue the 20-year tradition of hosting its “Uncommon Artists” program with the Outsider Art Fair.

The Outsider Art Fair is produced by Sanford L. Smith & Associates; for more information visit www.sanfordsmith.com.

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Stephanie Lucas, courtesy Grey Carter:  Objects of Art, Outsider Art Fair 2012 January 27-29, 2012


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