#outsiderartfair On Ken Johnson’s artists-under-25 to watch list is Lorna Williams, whom he compares to a ‘rural outsider artist’

Dargerism:  Contemporary Artists and Henry Darger at the American Folk Art Museum in 2008 showcased contemporary artists who were making work influenced by ‘outsider’ artist Henry Darger.  Intersections between self-taught and schooled artists pervade the contemporary art world.  In this week’s NYTimes, Ken Johnson makes the reference in his review of her current exhibition at Dodge Gallery:  Like a rural outsider artist, Ms. Williams mixes gnarly branches, roots and tree trunks, plumbing hardware, patterned paper, beads, feathers, doll parts, bones and lots more natural and non-natural stuff into pantheistic poetry. The biggest and most impressive efforts resemble arboreal spirits come to life in a magical forest at the edge of a junkyard. One over eight feet tall, called “birth right,” has a peak-roofed wooden bird feeder for a head and is doing a stomping dance on twiggy legs and splayed feet. Another, “equiv.o.cal,” looks at first just like a 12-foot-long tree branch; look again and it becomes a reclining, spread-legged female figure in erotic ecstasy… read review on nytimes.com



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