#outsiderartfair Exhibitor Reynold Lally reflects on activist Jean-Claude Bajeux #art





Reading the obituary of Jean-Claude Bajeux reminded me of a story which had gone out of mind.
When Mr Bajeux was the Minister of Culture in Haiti, we received a call asking if we would decorate the walls of the Ministry with paintings of our choice.  We accepted, and selected paintings from the Saint Soliel group
A few weeks later , I get an urgent call from the Ministry saying please comedown; there is a group of art students threatening to destroy the “bourgeois ” paintings in the Ministry; they wanted the Ministry to hang their work instead. I went straight down to the Ministry with my pickup and took down all the “threatening” paintings. We entered the back entrance, while the students  demonstrated in the front!


Reynald Lally, August 6, 2011,  www.bourbonlally.com

Jean-Claude Bajeux, activist and scholar who fought Haiti?s Duvalier
dictatorship, dies-Associated Press –read Aug. 5, 2011 article in the Washington Post


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