#outsiderart Important Private Collection on view at The Ogden Museum, University of New Orleans

Self-Taught, Outsider and Visionary Art from the Collection of Alexa Kleinbard and Jim Roche

O.L. Samuels, Monkey Man

Together the husband and wife team of Jim Roche and Alexa Kleinbard have amassed one of the most important collections of self-taught, outsider, and visionary art in the United States. Their shared vision as collectors reflect their own sensibilities as working artists. Since the early 1970s, Kleinbard and Roche have pioneered the promotion, understanding, and appreciation of artists who work beyond the parameters of the art gallery and museum system. Many of the artists in their collection are not heavily represented in other places, resulting in a unique and highly personal collection.

This exhibition features the art of Jesse James Aaron, Columbus “Dude” McGriff, O.L. Samuels, Roger Rice, John Robert Ellis, and many more.
On view through September 18, 2011.

The mission of The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, University of New Orleans, is to broaden the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the visual arts and culture of the American South through its permanent collections, changing exhibitions, educational programs, publications, research center, and its Goldring-Woldenberg Institute for the Advancement of Southern Art and Culture. To that end, the museum will collect, conserve, exhibit, study, and interpret the art of the South within the context of the region’s history and culture.


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