#outsiderart Conservation of Folk and Outsider Art Conference

Divine Disorder, Conserving the Chaos: Conference on the Conservation of Folk and Outsider Art atThe National Center for Preservation Technology & Training

From NCPTT website: This conference is focused on highlighting the under-appreciated decorative works of non-traditional artists. The conservation of these works is vital to preserving the life story of those artists outside the main stream art community. Artists come from all walks of life and every ethnic background, Folk and Outsider art is many times strongly patriotic, intensely spiritual, but always deeply personal. If not preserved we lose the window into the lives of the artists and their folk traditions.

The Conference will be held February 15-16, 2012 on the campus of Northwestern University in Natchitoches, Louisiana. The program will feature two days of contributed papers and a poster session. We are soliciting oral and poster presentations that discuss topics which center on Folk and Outsider art conservation and preservation. These include treatments, applications, future development directions, and research.

click here for more information on attending and call for presentations.


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One response to “#outsiderart Conservation of Folk and Outsider Art Conference

  • Sarah Kane Skoglund

    Great article about #outsiderart!! Planning on attending the fair in Feb. 2012! There are so many incredible Folk Artists and Outsider Artists in Montana. Its completely unappreciated out here in an art world that worships empty copycat realism and machismo-filled cowboy scenes. I just had the incredible opportunity to profile a local South-West Montana artist for the online magazine @bozemanmagpie. Here is the link to the article: http://www.bozeman-magpie.com/spotlight.php
    Thank you for the great blog! Hope to see you in February.
    -Sarah (www.sksartcompany.com)

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