#outsiderartfair exhibitors’ summer shows sizzle

Enjoying summer gallery shows is another great part of the summer season here at Sanford L. Smith & Associates.  With our office located in Chelsea, we are surrounded by art and are lucky to be able to see many of the exhibitions put on by galleries that exhibit in our fairs.  This summer, Outsider Art Fair exhibitors seem to be participating in some of the hottest shows, not only here in Chelsea, but across the country, and around the globe.  In the past few weeks I have seen several that I will list here, then elaborate on in individual posts, and I (and/or others here in the office) will continue to list more as we see them (or, learn about those we aren’t able to see).

Carlo Zinelli:  Une Beauté Conuvlsive at Galerie Christian Berst, Art Brut Paris

“Twisted” Scott Ogden and C.J. Pyle at Ricco Maresca Gallery

“The Faces of Young” Cohen Gallery, GoggleWorks Center for the Arts, produced with the Outsider Folk Art Gallery in cooperation with Cheyney University

“Katherine Bernhardt, Alfred Jensen, Chris Johanson, Chris Martin, Andrew Masullo, Judith Scott” at Mitchell-Innes & Nash

“Take-Out” curated by Scott Hug at Andrew Edlin Gallery

“Shozo Michikawa:  The Nature of Clay” at Cavin-Morris Gallery








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