A Sanford L. Smith & Associates’ Summer

Summer on 24th Street!

Hooray – We are pleased and excited to tell you that our newest SLSA member joined the  team in mid-June.  Emily Christensen has a background in the arts, and is gearing up for a great show season!

We miss our Cristina and our Bekka with their smiles and joie! Good luck to them both in their new positions. We will have fun this Fall going to each other’s fairs and sharing the art scene.

Meanwhile our office is prepared for a summer look, bermuda shorts, airy dresses, cold salads – lunch on the back deck – doesn’t it sound wonderful?  It is!

Some will vacation more than others; Sandy with lots of long weekends in the Berkshires, Sugar in her old farmhouse on
the North Fork for a few weeks and George visiting Connecticut, Cape Cod, uptown, downtown.

Emily is organizing an exhibition of emerging artists at a non-profit arts center in Pennsylvania.

Watch our blog for more news on the regular (or irregular) business of show biz – all sorts of new and different
approaches in our world of uniquely presenting fine arts and antiques to the public.  Cheers!


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